Become An Inspirational Communicator

with Michael Dodd Communications

Becoming an inspirational communicator is a learnable skill. Michael Dodd Communications empowers you and your team to learn it – or enhance it if you already have it – in a fast, fun and fantastically effective way. Communication skills can be supercharged through a captivating keynote speech at your conference, in master classes and through one-to-one coaching sessions.


Michael and his colleagues can show you the secrets of:

– Delivering scintillating presentations and winning pitches

– Giving bombproof media interviews

– Providing great answers to tough questions

– Everything to do with raising your communications performance

– Feeling more confident when you communicate with audiences large and small

“The art of the diamond cutter is knowing how to reveal the best angle of a stone, polish off the rough edges and expose the sparkling gem within. Michael Dodd works with people instead of diamonds and is a master craftsman.”

– Richard Bosworth, Chairman, “What If” business leaders group



Book Launch Video

Top Professionals Speakers – at Waterstones in High Street Kensington, London – talk about the need for “GREAT ANSWERS TO TOUGH QUESTIONS AT WORK” to help you say the right things in your professional conversations.

 Telephone: 44 (0) 7944 952835























Michael Dodd’s book helps readers answer tough questions in an age of increasing visibility and accountability.

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Click to hear an interview on Talk Radio Europe about Michael Dodd’s book

by Michael Dodd | “Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work”

An interview on Share Radio about Michael Dodd’s book

by Michael Dodd | “Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work”

44 (0) 7944 952835

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