Equipping you to deal effectively with your immediate – and future – communications challenges…

…as the Corona Crisis further unfolds. 



This is a highly practical session to help you and/or your team tackle your pressing Corona Times communications challenges straight away.


The focus is to get you started – giving instant guidance within the session – to help you deal with the next Corona communications tasks in your in-tray or on your horizon.


It can be done on Zoom or other online platforms – one-to-one or with as many participants as your system can manage.


And it can be run with you face-to-face – within social distancing guidelines – where that’s practical.


Where time permits for those involved, you can identify you next Corona communications challenges in advance … or everyone can just bring them along to work on in the session.


The challenges could be having a tough conversation – in the best possible way – with:


  • Clients
  • Prospects
  • Officials
  • Team Members
  • Journalists
  • Suppliers
  • Members of the Public – or others.


Your challenge could be sending out a highly-engaging persuasive email or press release dealing with the latest Corona-related changes.


Whatever it is, participants will get started on planning for it in the session – and come away with expert guidance and constructive testing out with others involved.


On-line sessions can look like this on your screen.


“Michael Dodd has run many great workshops on different aspects of effective communication for the business leader members of MD2MD, This was the first time I’ve booked him for an Online Zoom session so I was naturally cautious. I needn’t have been. Diligently prepared and expertly presented as always from Michael, our members were very satisfied with his tips and tricks for communicating difficult messages in challenging times. From a practical perspective, his use of breakout rooms was, I thought, especially helpful in getting members to immediately apply the ideas for themselves. So highly recommended in person and now – also – online!”

Bob Bradley, Managing Director – MD2MD business leaders group


“Michael delivered an outstanding session for my group of CEOs today; he specifically tailored the session to be Covid 19 relevant content, and what we also did was compress the timeframe to one hour. This delivered incredibly high impact learning and immediately useful content in shortest time possible for the busy learners on the zoom. We also gave the option for some to stay on to gain more personal feedback on their responses to their difficult question, which added huge value. Michael demonstrated incredible mastery of his subject and gave world class coaching tips in the moment to ensure everyone who attended took away something of immediate value. I cannot recommend this approach more highly at this time as all our leaders may stand or fall on how well they master the skill of answering the most difficult questions that may come from employees, customers or investors.”

Vistage Chairman, David Brient


To line up a phone or Zoom call to discuss your Clever Corona Communications requirements – and desired outcomes – email:


Or just call 44 (0) 7944 952835