Get Your Message Across In 60 Seconds

This session tackles the business communications challenge of our age – seeking to get a point across when you and your audiences face more and more time pressures.

Michael Toast v 2It equips you and your team to convey powerful, succinct and effective messages in the time it takes to cook a piece of toast.

A camera operator can be on hand to record and play back performances – enabling your team members to see themselves as others see them and make adjustments along the way.

Come Across More Effectively Than Ever

“Get Your Message Across In 60 Seconds” enables you and your team to get your ideas across more effectively than you’ve ever done before.

You get to benefit from the difference it makes to those you need to persuade – and to your bottom line.

In the sessions we work on getting your content right, your structure right and your delivery right.

Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

These sessions can focus on your elevator pitch for introducing yourself and your business to others in formal and informal situations.

Or they can concentrate on other short sharp messages you need to formulate and get across – such as the benefits of your latest product or service.

Or you can combine both.

“Get Your Message Across In Sixty Seconds” can run as master classes or be the subject of one-to-one coaching.

It can also be the topic for a highly practical and entertaining keynote for your conference.

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