Get Your Message Across To Different Personality Types


Success in business can be greatly increased when you are able to communicate effectively with different types of people.

When you understand how different categories of personalities like to receive information in different ways you are in a better position to persuade.

Suppose you had a fantastic idea that would have great benefits to vast numbers at a low cost – and you had to persuade key people to back it.

Imagine you had to individually convince British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson; Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon; and former British Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and John Major.

To be successful you wouldn’t speak to the leaders in exactly the same way.


Connecting With Different Types In Different Ways

You would maximise your chances of success if you took into account the very different personalities you were dealing with – and pitched the idea in a way that worked best for each one.

The same applies to getting a successful message across to your customers, prospects, suppliers, stakeholders, employees, shareholders and others.

This session helps you and your team understand key personality types – and to classify those around them.


Understand What Works – And What Doesn’t

People get to identify themselves along the introvert-extravert axis and along the people-orientated and task-orientated axis.

Participants then seek to persuade different personality types to accept a proposition – maximising their chances by presenting the material to appeal to the way that personality type likes to receive information.

Everyone gets to see and understand what works – and what doesn’t.

“Get Your Message Across To Different Personality Types” can run as a half-day master class.

The content can also be included in a longer communications-boosting sessions embracing other topics such as “Giving Great Answers To Tough Questions”.

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