Give Great Answers To Tough Questions

Standing up to tough questioning is a vital modern skill – whether it’s in the workplace, the media or the marketplace. How you and your people answer challenging questions can be crucial to your success. Michael Dodd helps you give more effective and persuasive answers in critical conversations – with customers, prospects, managers, employees, shareholders, journalists and members of the public. As a one-time journalist in the jungle of Australian politics in Canberra, Michael is steeped in the art of asking what are known as “blowtorch-on-the-belly” questions. As a communications consultant and professional speaker he’s honed techniques for answering them. So he can test you out for the worst possible situations, and give you the tools to make the best possible replies.


The Golden Formulae Revealed

The secrets of giving impressive answers – including the golden formulae for responding with points in exactly the right order – are revealed. During the sessions you discover what’s the best content, structure and delivery style for the specific challenging questions you face now or could be confronted with in the future. A camera operator can be involved to help you see yourself as others see you – and to allow you to look over the recorded material later to embed the learning. Answers are played back and analysed. Then your replies can be adjusted, overhauled or polished as appropriate.



Know What Traps To Avoid

So when it comes to doing it for real, you’re well-rehearsed and know in advance what traps to avoid. Giving Great Answers To Tough Questions can be run as a master class over half a day or a full day – depending on the challenges you face. And they can be run on a one-to-one basis. Some people book these sessions when they are to be questioned for formal purposes such as appearing before a parliamentary committee, a public inquiry or as a professional witness in the courtroom.


Feel Way More Confident

Others need it to answer the questions that come from all around them in the workplace. They are especially useful as part of preparation for unveiling decisions which you know will not be universally popular – such as redundancies, relocations and redeployments. Whatever the verbal challenges you face, you will leave the session feeling far better equipped and way more confident.


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What They Say


“Every single point discussed was a golden nugget! It was a day incredibly well spent. My confidence is massively improved.”

Simon Albert, Director, Charity Challenge


“Straight talking, direct and extremely engaging. A must for any Chief Executive Officer. “

Dominic Jones, CEO, Business Design Centre


“Michael makes what can be for some people their worst fear, into something they positively look forward to doing.”

Sue Porto, CEO, Volunteer Reading Help


“Michael Dodd’s session demonstrated superbly that we can all improve dramatically. I’ve seen Michael in action three times now and he has a number of workshops applicable to business leaders groups. He has a canny knack of being able to teach the essentials with a light touch that makes for a great session. Book him if you haven’t already.”

Gordon Bromley, Deputy Chairman, Academy for Chief Executives, Surrey and South West London.


“Michael achieved the rare outcome of delivering a nugget of practical learning for each member of three consecutive executive groups. The secret of his success lay in the combination of his detailed preparation and genuine personal interest in the wellbeing of each and every member. This earned Michael the distinction of being one of the most memorable and highest rated speakers in a decade of executive learning and development”.

Drew Pryde, Chairman, Scottish Institute for Business Leaders


“Michael has now worked with the 3 CEO groups I run, some more than once. Each time he has been thoroughly prepared and has helped us realise that whilst there are many ways to deliver a message when answering a tough question, the way we do that massively affects how the other person feels (and their motivation) as they walk away. His workshops enable attendees to practice this skill, develop it, and see demonstrable improvement in just a morning. I would recommend this training for anyone who leads people.”

Alan Cook, Chairman, Vistage Groups 47, 3 and Key 205


“An excellent session which everyone benefited from. Entertaining – yes. Really impactive –yes. Useful for each person in the group – yes, yes.”

Anne Summers, Leader, Bristol Fifteen. Footdown.