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Make Your Team Look, Sound & Feel Great!

With Nicci Roscoe and Michael Dodd

Have you considered how much of your company’s success – and sometimes the lack of it – comes down to how your team members look, sound and feel when they’re under pressure?

This applies whether it’s making that vital pitch, introducing themselves to potential new clients or answering tough questions from prospects.

Michael Dodd and Nicci Roscoe Instant judgements are made on how they come across – for better and for worse.

In the world of international speaking – where having instant high impact is essential – Nicci Roscoe and Michael Dodd know this only too well.

That’s why they’ve formulated their double-act keynote: “Make Your Team Look, Sound and Feel Great.”

Make The Right Impact

With their inspirational on-stage performance, Nicci and Michael will show your people how to make the right impact in the right way to create the right outcomes.

They’ll give your team insights on what to say, how to say it and how to perform in order to make the best possible impression on those your company needs to impress.

Nicci takes her corporate clients to new heights in their business and life. She’s an exceptional force for positive change – inspiring audiences on life-changing journeys with fabulous results.

Michael boosts communications skills on six continents.

He shows business people how to stand up to blowtorch-on-the-belly questioning and get their message across.

Achieve New Levels Of Confidence



With media backgrounds spanning Sky, BBC, ITV and Aljazeera, Nicci and Michael are perfectly placed to show your team how to come across with new levels of confidence and impact.

They can act out on your conference stage what works – and what doesn’t.

This showreel from three events demonstrates how a communications makeover can be conducted in front of your audience.



Here’s an example where Nicci and Michael demonstrate a worst-case media scenario.

Nicci and Michael provide tailor-made master class versions of “Make Your Teams Look, Sound and Feel Great” for away days and in-house training programmes.

And if your teams are up for it, volunteers can be invited to join them on stage for an instant critique upgrade on how they come across in the sharp-end situations they face.

Create Winning Performances

Some think winning performances come down to luck – or are entirely dependent on natural talent.

They aren’t!

Being able to look, sound and feel great while under pressure is a learnable skill.

You can plan for it, prepare for it and practice for it – just as sports stars do for big matches and performers do before big concerts.

Equip your team with inspirational guidance they can put into practice day after day, week after week, year after year.

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“Nicci and Michael are expert at both inspiring and informing. Their presentations are also fun and interesting, so the learning stays with you long after the event – available to be drawn on when having to answer those difficult questions under pressure. A true class act recommended to liven up any event.”

Marc Keidan, Partner – Cooke, Young and Keidan


“Nicci Roscoe and Michael Dodd led a master class focused on Presenting With Confidence And Positivity. Over a week later I am still talking about it! The impact on the day was evident in the way the participants had developed their confidence in public speaking. Presentations changed from the ordinary to the extraordinary – engaging, interesting and influential. Both presenters created a supportive atmosphere where everyone felt safe to express themselves and try out new ideas. I can highly recommend their work and shall certainly be booking them again.”

Barbara Chevis, Senior School Improvement Partner, Education Kingston


“I’ve just seen Nicci Roscoe and Michael Dodd do a fantastic presentation on how to handle the media. What I particularly liked was that they used a live action remedy of how to deal with it. We saw the first scene on how it goes when it’s not so good and then we saw a fantastic way of turning it around. What I liked it was they involved the audience in planning how to do the second one, so the whole audience was engaged in learning.”

Peter Green, author and speaker.


“Michael and Nicci presented to a room full of niche law firms which I organised. They worked really hard in tailoring their presentation to the audience and the evening was a great success and everybody I spoke to said how much they had enjoyed themselves. Michael and Nicci presented in a refreshingly different way and we all learnt many new tips about public speaking and answering difficult questions.”

Nick Ralph, Partner, Archon Solicitors


“Nicci and Michael: I wanted to mail you to say how powerful I found the course you ran on Presenting with Confidence and Positivity. I attend many courses, but rarely do I remember so much of the content, days later. I really achieved what I set out to when I booked myself on the course. I can now clearly see how to structure any presentation and am so eager to get on and do my next one.”

Emily Haywood, Paddock School, Wandsworth


”Nicci and Michael’s master class was utterly inspiring. I have now taken away so many valuable ideas that I can put into place immediately – and I am now excited about presenting with confidence.”

Helen Palmer, Deputy Head, St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School.