This issue focuses on a master communicator from whom we can all learn. 

He’s a doctor, author and broadcaster who is making a giant splash with his blockbuster book exposing the deep-seated problems of typical modern-day western diets.

In particular, he shares what we can do to improve things eating-wise for ourselves and others.

It’s all about what have been labelled “Ultra-Processed Foods” which make up a big chunk of what most people in the western world eat.

The doctor claims these are not really proper foods at all!

He prefers to call them “Industrially-Produced Edible Substances”.

They include most supermarket bread and crisps – and much much more.

Dr Chris van Tulleken is an excellent role model for anyone seeking to communicate the science and logic behind their ideas.




His book is called “Ultra-Processed People”.



Whether or not you are open to what the book says about typical modern western diets, Dr Tulleken is phenomenally successful at getting across his case.

He explains things in a way which is easy for a wide range of people to absorb.

In doing so he does something with which many people who have a sound scientific and technical understanding often struggle.

He keeps his use of long specialist words to a minimum and explains things in terms that are easy to grasp.

And whether he’s talking straight to the camera – or being interviewed in a TV studio – he keeps remarkably calm.

Chris Tulleken touches on highly emotional matters while coming across as thoughtful, caring and rational.




The doctor is particularly good a what’s known in communication circles as “hitting a resonant chord”.

He’s able to touch on something with which many are familiar in a way that reminds people about their underlying concerns on a topic.

For example, he knows that – as a result of decades of cunning marketing – most people in the Western world are familiar with the cartoon animals which a well-known company uses to promote Ultra-Processed breakfast cereals to kids.

And he targets the uneasiness which many adults feel about this.

He takes aim at the advertising which directly appeals to children through the deployment of a friendly cartoon monkey and a cheerily animated tiger.


“You shouldn’t have a monkey selling chocolate cereal to kids at breakfast time,” says Dr van Tulleken.

“You shouldn’t have a tiger on the box!”


This is the soundbite which Channel Four selects to open its in-depth interview with Chris van Tulleken.

The interview – conducted by Krishnan Guru-Murthy – is part of his “Ways to Change the World” series.



You can check out the interview here:



Whether you watch all 41 minutes of it – or you just sample a bit of it – you can experience how Dr Tulleken coolly outlines the science behind his views.

He keeps his use of specialist medical words to a minimum – explaining things in a way which is easy for a wide range of people to understand.

Dr Tulleken is also impressive at presenting straight to the camera – which he does in this podcast.




He knows it’s important to start with an attention-grabbing opening line to pull in viewers from the opening seconds.

His way of doing this is to begin by declaring that “Poor diet is now the leading cause of death on Planet Earth for human beings!”


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You don’t have to be seeking to change the world like Dr Tulleken.

But if you and your team become brilliant communicators, be aware that this could just be the end result!