Boost Your Media Interview Performance – And Confidence

camera_interviewerShining out in media interviews can be vital to your perceived success, your image and your profit.

How journalists’ questions are answered can make the difference between you being portrayed as the villain or the hero.

Your replies determine whether you get good or bad headlines – and if you get acres of publicity or are totally ignored.

Michael’s media master classes enable you to:

  • Thrive in challenging ‘blowtorch-on-the-belly’ media interrogations
  • Take full advantage in softer interviews
  • Capitalise on the differences between interviews for TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and news websites.

Michael’s a broadcast journalist and international professional speaker whose master classes boost performance levels and confidence.

Covering an event with a video camera.With a background as a political journalist, business reporter and foreign correspondent, he knows how to ask the tough questions.

And as a media trainer and communications consultant, he can give you the golden formulae for answering them.

Michael’s media master classes enable you to test out, modify and constantly enhance your replies.

Practice interviews can be recorded, played back and critiqued so participants learn from seeing themselves as others see them – and adjust accordingly.

Unlock The Media Secrets

The secrets of dealing with the media can be unlocked:

  • On a one-to-one basis
  • In small groups – ideally around three per trainer – so there’s opportunity for enough individual practice interviews
  • At conferences where demonstration interviews show the audience what works best – and what doesn’t.

Constantly Enhance Your Skills

Sessions can be tailored to fit your needs – over a few hours or several days.

The dream scenario is for key members of an organisation to be trained in advance to capitalise on good news opportunities – and be fully prepared to deal with bad news.

Sessions can also be planned around specific scenarios that you know you have to deal with – or nightmare possibilities that you should be ready for.

Michael Dodd Communications works with a network of highly experienced broadcasters and communication specialists.

On larger missions colleagues with the appropriate journalistic background can join the team. Seventeen for a big assignment in Europe is the record so far.

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