Nicci Roscoe

Nicci is an international speaker, executive and lifestyle coach across a range of industries including media, finance, fashion, beauty and fitness with companies such as Grant Thornton and Unilever.

She is known as The Mind Makeover Artist for transforming clients’ confidence, self-esteem and image and helping them make a positive impact. Her genuine passion for creating positive life changes in others shines through her professional work.

Nicci employs her unique techniques working with your teams or individuals to give powerful positive change in life & business.

Areas of expertise include:

• Teaching practical techniques to change negative patterns of thinking
• Presentation and confidence skills coaching on stage, screen and on video.
• Boosting communication skills at conferences, in the boardroom and through the media.
• Improving self-confidence, self-esteem and body image
• Analysing and training in body language and voice work
• Wellbeing and balance at work and at home

Michael Dodd

Michael runs master classes for United Nations officials, business leaders, diplomats, head teachers and others around the world to polish their communications skills. He draws upon his interviewing experience as an Australian political reporter and foreign correspondent to subject audience volunteers to vigorous questioning and to show them how to give great answers to their nightmare questions.

Michael’s best known amongst international audiences for his newspaper reviews and comments on international affairs on Sky News, the BBC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and other broadcasters.

Michael Dodd’s masterclasses enable people in handling media interviews and giving scintillating presentations. These are performed one-to-one, in small groups and with large audiences. Masterclasses are run around the world and have been run in America, Europe, Asia and The Middle East.

Bev Hamilton

“Leadership matters and it is a choice. It’s not a title, rank or position given to you; it’s a conscious decision anyone can make. That you should take a stand for something that matters to you, commit to it and inspire and engage others. Whether you are a young person starting a new career, a seasoned manager in a corporation or an entrepreneur, you can choose to show leadership. Those around you are waiting.” Bev Hamilton

Bev creates environments where people can flourish so that they can confidently make their unique contribution to the world. She is a certified mastermind executive coach (CMEC) through the US based Rescue Institute and an Executive and Business Coach through Results Coaching Systems. Bev has written articles on leadership and personal development for a number of professional magazines and speak on entrepreneurial leadership, authentic leadership and the importance of why? Specialties: Entrepreneurial Leadership, leadership speaker, leadership consultant, leadership coach, seminar facilitator, conference speaker, workshop leader, mentoring, generating ideas, “a supportive poke in the eye”