Transform the Communications Skills Of Your Team

In today’s competitive world there are huge advantages equipping your key team members so they can convey the right messages in the right way – inside and outside your organisation.

You can have great people, but if they can’t clearly and confidently convey what your company can offer – and what it needs – it damages your prospects.

Michael Dodd Communications provides a seven-part programme that transforms the communications skills of your people – and embeds the learning so it becomes the new norm to take your organisation to a higher level.

A programme will typically involve:

  • Boosting the pro-active communications skills for when your team is doing sales pitches, business introductions and to camera for websites and webcasts
  • Transforming reactive communications skills such as those required for handling face-to-face conversations involving challenging questions from clients, prospects, colleagues, and financiers
  • Measuring the performance of participants at the start, end and along the journey in between
  • Making rapid progress by doing and reviewing and then re-doing at a higher level
  • Recording participants so they can see themselves back as other see them and make appropriate adjustments
  • Typically a programme involves a mixture of group and one-to-one sessions for your key people – arranged to suit their schedules


Sample Seven Part Programme

PART 1: ASSESSING THE TEAM: Measuring performances across a range of communications challenges; Identifying points for enhancement. Drawing up individual and group improvement plans.


PART 2: BOOSTING YOUR INTRODUCTIONS: Upgrading the way team members introduce themselves and your organisation – in formal and informal situations.


PART 3: PRESENTING WITH CONFIDENCE, IMPACT AND PIZZAZZ: Polishing the content, structure and performance of the team when presenting with and without slides.


PART 4: SUPERCHARGING CONVERSATION SKILLS: Enhancing the way your team handles challenging situations and answers tough professional questions.


PART 5: IMPACTING ON THE WIDER WORLD: Getting your organisation’s messages across in radio, TV, newspaper, magazine and news website interviews.


PART 6: FROM CAMERA LENS TO SCREEN: Honing the team’s ability to talk directly to the camera in webcasts and video conferences.


PART 7: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: Final measurement of improvement across the range; Showcasing the results.

The precise communications challenges of every organisation and individual are different – so the programme is drawn up to ensure your team gets exactly the enhancement in skills that they need.

Taking your people’s communications skills to a higher level equips your people to boost your organisation’s performance and your bottom line.

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