Protecting and Enhancing Your On-Line Reputation

In the days before the internet and social media – your reputation could be largely defined as being what people thought of you when you left the room.

These days your reputation is determined differently.

This is because people who know they are going to meet you they will probably look you up first. If they didn’t know they were going to meet you – and they’re considering doing business with you after they do – they will also probably search out your online profile.

Google is typically the first place they’ll go.

In order to help you do better in future Google searches, Michael Dodd Communications works with technical whizz, York Woodford-Smith (pictured) and his company, Fiveonabike.


Our package of measures helps ensure you look your best when people seek you out on the web.

First your current online profile is examined and you see how you score. Where it’s possible we can help you upgrade the quality of what is said about you to maximise your positive impact.

Then we work with you to enhance your communications performances. For example, we work with you to take your interview response skills and talking-straight-to-the-camera performances to a new high.

Then we can create some classy video content featuring you to dominate the first pages of Google, YouTube and other search engines.

Michael Dodd Communications and Fiveonabike can also work on getting together material for a speedily-constructed website with your own domain name. We can ensure you get the right photos and have them tagged correctly on-line.

We can make sure that the right pictures of you – and not those wrong ones! – come up when people check you out. We can also work with you to create your own Wikipedia page.

This programme ensures your communications skills – and your on-line reputation – are taken to a new high.

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