Communications-Boosting Workshops For Business Leaders’ Groups


M.Dodd Business Leaders GroupMichael Dodd helps transform the communications skills of business leaders around the world.

These award-winning sessions are run face-to-face and – when needs be – online through Zoom, Teams or other platforms.




Here’s one of a series of sessions run online for members of Compel CEOs based in the United States.

Director of Compel CEOs, Jamie Ramerini, said afterwards:

“Michael challenged our rising stars and some of the New York City metropolitan area’s best future business leaders by pushing them to think outside of the box when answering the toughest questions they face from clients, leadership and their workforce. Our clients and members of the NextGen program walked away with improved knowledge on how to approach difficult situations, resulting in better outcomes for them and their clients.”



Here are some of the workshops that can be booked to supercharge the abilities group members to communicate more effectively and persuasively with their target audiences.


Tackles the business communication challenge of our age – seeking to get our point across when we and our audiences have more and more pressures on our time.

Michael Toast v 2This session equips members to convey a powerful, succinct and effective message that sticks – in the time it takes to cook a piece of toast.

The message can be for a large audience, a small group or one-to-one conversations. It can be for delivery face-to-face, over the phone or through a webcast.

Members get to hone the content and structure of their message – and how they look, sound and feel when they’re conveying it.

This workshop enables members to get their ideas across more effectively than they’ve ever done before.


Equips members to give more powerful, effective and confident answers in critical professional conversations.fire_rig

These can involve nightmare questions from customers, prospects, staff, journalists, financiers and members of the public.

Participants boost the way they’re perceived by others and become more authoritative and persuasive.

The magic formulae for dealing effectively with killer questions, tricky questions and nasty questions are unveiled. It’s a confidence-enhancing process which leads to a mindset change.


Enables members’ business introductions become more powerful, effective and memorable.

It boosts performance when introducing yourself to new prospects, during chance encounters in lifts, doing self-introductions over the phone and in those tricky 60-second pitches at networking meetings.

The session helps members define exactly what their business stands for.

Everyone gets to overhaul or polish their content, structure and delivery.

Nailing their elevator pitch boosts members’ confidence and their ability to attract the right clients.


Meeting PublikumShows members how to grab audience attention and hold it throughout a presentation.

It helps them tackle what for many is their greatest fear – talking on their feet.

Their efforts can be recorded and played back by a camera operator, so performances can be analysed and polished.

Body language and the way they use their voice is examined and enhanced.

Confidence is boosted.

Reliance on notes is minimised or eliminated.

If members choose to present with slides, they can discover how to make the slides work more effectively for them – and add to rather than detract from the presentation.

Presentations shine out in a way that lives on long after the speaking performance is over.


This workshop shows your members how to build and enhance the profiles of their companies and themselves.

yay-15021676It enables them to harvest the unlimited opportunities for free media publicity in news columns and broadcasts – which has far more credibility than paid-for advertising.

When members grasp what journalists and their audiences require, they more effectively spot what’s newsworthy within their business.

They can generate more coverage in the local, national or international media and in the trade press – and present it to journalists and editors in the way that maximises the chances of it being used.


This is a CEO workshop session with a difference.

Members end up with enhanced communication skills and they also take away something concrete.

Each member gets a DVD or webfile of themselves talking to camera which they can put on their website, post on YouTube or send to potential clients.

Michael and his film-making associates help members to write scripts and craft soundbites – and deliver them with aplomb.

Participants are then be coached in projecting their personalities onto the camera with authority, warmth and impact.


Shows how to connect more effectively with all kinds of people.

This session enables members to understand how different personality types like to receive information in different ways.

When they understand this their communications success rate can leap.

The session identifies the various types in the room and practices giving them information in the way they prefer to receive it – so members can put the skill into practice immediately.

For more information on this course CLICK HERE


This workshop tests out the way business leaders come across verbally in a range of critical situations – and guides them towards new levels of success.

Participants enhance their individual communications style across a range of skill sets while picking up clues from master business communicators – past and present.

They work on a topic which they will need to communicate about in the future – such as a new product or service or a new vision for the company.

The exercises include making an initial announcement, answering questions about it and what to say if things don’t go according to plan – with critiques and reactions from fellow members around the table to help lift performances to greater heights.

There’s more at:

Bookings and further information: 44 (0) 7944 952835


Testimonials from business leaders group chairs

“Michael’s razor-sharp practical session earned him ten out of ten scores from all my members for both content and delivery. His thorough preparation beforehand, coupled with his insightful questioning and critiques of the members’ performances made the event a highly memorable improvement experience with immense takeaway.”

Adrian Sharpe, Chairman, Vistage K231


“Michael Dodd’s session demonstrated superbly that we can all improve dramatically. I’ve seen Michael in action three times now and he has a number of workshops applicable to business leaders groups. He has a canny knack of being able to teach the essentials with a light touch that makes for a great session. Book him if you haven’t already.”

Gordon Bromley, Former Chairman, Academy for Chief Executives


“Michael achieved the rare outcome of delivering a nugget of practical learning for each member of three consecutive executive groups. The secret of his success lay in the combination of his detailed preparation and genuine personal interest in the wellbeing of each and every member. This earned Michael the distinction of being one of the most memorable and highest rated speakers in a decade of executive learning and development”.

Drew Pryde, Chairman, Scottish Institute for Business Leaders


“An excellent masterclass which was found interesting and enjoyable by all our participants. It is highly interactive and there is no hiding place. However Michael’s humour and candour avoid any embarrassment and lead to real learning. We all left the session with an enthusiasm for our next difficult encounter with a staff member or customer!”

Denis Kaye, Founder, Yorkshire Leadership Group


“An excellent session which everyone benefited from. Entertaining – yes. Really impactive –yes. Useful for each person in the group – yes, yes.”

Anne Summers, Leader, Bristol Fifteen. Footdown.


“Michael has worked with two of my groups of business leaders and they have all really appreciated the coaching he’s provided. It’s been amazing to see the improvement they’ve made.”

Mike Wilsher, Managing Director, Executive Foundation.


“Michael presented an excellent session for the Managing Directors in MD2MD. The feedback from the members was excellent. He clearly and measurably improved their confidence in handling tough questions from the media and elsewhere.”

Bob Bradley, Chairman, MD2MD.


“Michael scored an excellent 9.44 average including 4 tens, one from a member who rarely scores above 8! The following are the comments from the members and guests on the day; * Excellent session mixing professionalism with humour – Brilliant! “

Peter Lynagh Founder and CEO, Academy for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs


“Michael helped members of the London Leadership Club to learn and apply simple but effective tactics for answering nightmare questions. His presentation style is warm and engaging. He is very able to hold the room with an audience of CEOs and they appreciated his wit and challenge. Asking Michael to run his workshop with your leaders is a good use of time and money. He’s a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Danny Morris, Co-Founder of London Leadership Club


“Michael is one of the best speakers we’ve ever had in the Academy. He puts an enormous amount of effort into the preparation and the final delivery is nothing short of brilliant. Michael’s skill and experience as a journalist is brought to bear in ruthless fashion creating an unforgettable experiential learning experience.”

Simon Lester, Co-owner, Academy for Chief Executives