What are the biggest challenges facing your organisation?
And in five years time?
And what are its biggest opportunities?

The Media Challenge is a unique, exciting, hands-on development course that addresses your organisation's capacity to respond to change, maintain public image and endure and even capitalise on the scrutiny of the media. But it's not just about learning media skills. It's about where your organisation fits within the 'big picture'. It's about the ability to adapt in a fast changing world. It's also about developing leaders who can see situations from all points of view, not just their own, as well as recognise and take advantage of opportunities to generate positive publicity through the media. The Media Challenge addresses media performance, strategic planning, business focus, change management, disaster management and presentation skills.

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The Media Challenge works because it's entirely personal to your organisation. In order to develop a programme that's bespoke, we examine the biggest challenges facing your organisation now and in the future, as well as its opportunities. We then work with you to bring the relevant issues to life through simulated media presentations. Taking the form of live or recorded newscasts, these presentations form the first part of the event, setting the scene for delegates, and continuing throughout the workshop.

Reacting to developments as they happen, delegates have to work together to develop strategies. We then put their ideas and proposed solutions to the test through a series of interactive forums and debates. These take the form of media interviews with your key players and "Paxman" style devil's advocate interviews to see if responses can withstand the white glare of media and public scrutiny.

We also explore the impact the proposed solutions might have elsewhere through the format of a TV panel show, with teams representating different organisations, countries, political bodies or interest groups. They can even have it played back to them in order to reflect on how their representatives perform, and determine whether their ideas work or need further refinement. We can also assist you to polish presentation techniques so your stars can get your messages across through the media in a way that makes them sparkle and helps sell your products and services.

The Media Challenge is an enjoyable and memorable way of raising awareness of the challenges faced by your organisation. It encourages your employees to talk about those challenges and explore future opportunities, as well as consider your organisation's image on the world stage.

The programme is delivered by one of CentreStage’s associate media experts who bring with them many years experience in broadcasting and a level of expertise that ensures courses are enlightening and entirely responsive to the learning needs of delegates.

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